Travel Insurance

Holiday or Vacation provides leisure to those traveling far away from their workplace or resident. In this leisure time, a person wants to leave their resident to become a tourist and travel inside and outside of the country for a specific period. One would not wish to have any types of problems during the trip and would love to enjoy a relaxed trip. Even if nobody wishes to face any chaos during their trips, some situations occur accidentally. One needs to be aware of those problems that are uncertain. So, it is better to have travel insurance before leaving for a trip. It’s better to be aware of the chaos, than to face it suddenly. If you are planning for a trip, ensure that the travel insurance covers the insurance of all your valuable travel kits such as baggage, camera, cell phone, etc. Before you buy insurance, please do read all the scheme related documents carefully.

How and When To Claim Your Insurance?

  • If you are traveling, ensure you carry your insurance policy number and the emergency contact details with you.
  • If your travel kit or belongings go missing, report to the local police within 24 hours. If it’s not possible on your own, ask someone such as a tour representative or hotel manager to get a report written.

to be considered while you claim your Travel Insurance: 

  • Assure there is no trace of you in terms and conditions that prevent you from claiming your insurance.
  • Keep copies of paperwork that would help you claim your insurance. In case of queries or rejection, keep copies of original documents too.
  • Always keep receipt of the things you have purchased during your trip such as souvenirs or clothes for evidence.
  • Insurance
  • A medical insurance acts as coverage for medical expenses incurred from illness or injury. It protects you from high medical costs, also through co payments or coinsurance. When a traveler visits a destination to enjoy their holiday, they are rarely aware of the incidents that may happen at any uncertain time. Medical Insurance ensures travelers to be free from the stressful expense that is to be paid fully by a non- medical insurance holder than that by the one having it. Medical Insurance covers either partial or full expenses of the traveler depending upon their medical insurance.
  • The insurance covers the following points:
  • Doctor’s Visit
  • Drug Prescription
  • Mental Health Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Insurance
  • Injuries or accidents may occur anytime, anywhere with no sign of warnings or certainty. During your trip, you may have to travel to some areas where there is no accessibility to services such as cars, buses, etc. Let us say going on the mountains for a mountain expedition. If in case you get injured, leg fractured or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), etc. you wouldn’t be able to continue your trip and in emergency need medical help or get hospitalized, evacuation service plays an important role as a life savior. Helicopter Charter is a popular evacuation service. Evacuation Services should be managed by the travelers themselves as it is not provided by any Travel Companies. Evacuation Services are expensive. A traveler will be in a great dilemma if he or she does not have any evacuation insurance during chaotic situations. So, to be in-network with your physicians, friends or family by being evacuated from that destination where you got injured, evacuation insurance fulfills your coverage of transport expenses depending upon your insurance policy.