Our Team

Narayan Regmi
Founder | Managing Director

Mr. Narayan Regmi, a proficient in Geography with Bachelors and Masters in Economic Science started his career as a civil servant for Nepal Government and worked for 7 years since 1985. But his desire, willingness, and passion for adventure didn’t let him stay under the same roof working as a full-time civil servant. So, he crossed the boundary to live his dream. 

In 1992, he started traveling abroad to Hong Kong and Japan for the first time after marrying Ms. Bhula Devkota Regmi, as their honeymoon trip. Before returning the territory to China by the British Empire, Hong Kong was the business hub of Asia and a major tourist destination. Through this, he was quite impressed and started gaining knowledge and insights about the tourism industry. 

He thought of being a tourism entrepreneur after returning to Nepal while working as a civil servant. He entered the tourism industry working part-time for a reputed hotel and gained bilingual knowledge in English, Japanese and Hindi. He started to work in a small local trekking company in 1998 and transformed it into a renowned international brand within 23 years of hard-working after his resignation from the government job.

He has served thousands of international travelers and gathered invaluable experiences and knowledge in the travel, trekking, and mountaineering sector. He has traveled to countries like India, China-Tibet, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Germany. He plans to visit Canada, the East Coast of the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, and many other European countries to learn further about the emerging trends on tourism in the coming future. Our dedicated team is committed to making Best Adventure Travels Inc., a brand renowned globally by finding destination partners globally.

Mr. Narayan Regmi has also been involved personally and officially in the Dhaulagiri Base Camp clean-up campaign in 2003, Ghorepani-Poonhill clean-up campaign in 2005, and Langtang Valley clean-up campaign in 2007 with the coordination of Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) for the preservation of the clean and eco-friendly environment for the future generation. In-person, he is a lifetime member of the KEEP. Best Adventure Travels Inc., holds a lifetime member of this non-profit organization which plays a vital role to keep the environment clean and bring awareness to society. On his initiation, the company is heartily associated with ‘Laxmi Pratisthan’ one of the great social non-profit organizations which are committed to change and grow up the most dominated and back warded ‘Chepang’ society in ‘Makawanpur’ District.

Mr. Regmi has also been supporting to ‘Panchakumari Pratisthan’, a non-profit organization which supports on physical fitness of senior citizen since 2010 besides much official involvement on social activities through CEN (Child Environment Nepal- Former Vice President). He is continuously supporting on free food distribution festival for homeless people and ‘sadhus’ in Pashupati, Bankali every year since 2014. He is a kind supporter of national, folk songs as well as a member of Duel Song Academy to help keep alive and promote the Nepalese Culture. He is also involved personally in the Relief Distribution Programs in many places after the destructive earthquake in 2015 of April to share the grief of the Natural Calamity. He has been actively participating in such activities whenever there is a necessity due to various calamities in the nation.

He quotes, “Tourism is regarded as one of the major industries for generating foreign revenue in Nepal. Making a responsible and sustainable industry is our prime duty.” Keeping this fact in mind, Best Adventure Travels Inc., and the founder of the company along with the energetic and dedicated new team are committed to making this brand a most demanding international brand in the travel and tourism industry. Let us unite together to transforming travel to the truth”

“Transforming Travel to Truth”

Sanjeev Regmi
Co-founder | Executive Director

Despite being born and raised in the comforts of Kathmandu, Mr. Sanjeev longs to travel to adventurous and rural destinations. He has completed his Bachelors Degree in Tourism from Apex College due to his lifelong interest in the field. He loves nature and can be found trekking, hiking or just wandering across the country. He has been on numerous treks within Nepal namely Rara National Park, Pikey Peak Trek, Mustang Trek, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, Jaljala Trek, and the list goes on. He has also traveled to foreign countries like UK, Australia, and India adding to his expanding cultural experiences. He believes that true experiences come from travel and these knowledge and experiences are far more valuable than being a textbook feeder. Working in the sector for 11 years since his late teenage years has made him an experienced and proficient in the field. 


Anup Regmi
Research and Development (R&D)

Mr. Anup Regmi grew up in the Kathmandu valley and is currently an undergraduate who is studying Bachelors in Information Management. The youngest member of our company has a profound interest in Research and Development as well as a keen interest in sports as he is also a member of the Sports Club at St. Xavier’s college. Mr. Regmi believes in social welfare as he has participated in various social camps and activities. He also loves traveling and has trekking experiences. His traveling dream is to travel the whole of Nepal. He is energetic and curious about work, and always explores new ways of doing things. He previously worked as a front office member at Hotel Moonlight, where co-workers and superiors were impressed by his enthusiasm.

“Traveling is not just a hobby; it is a way of life.”

Firoj Khan
Technical Officer

Firoj Khan, a Digital marketing professional & IT Support staff has been working on Best adventures since 2019. Because of strong dedication & commitment towards the company he has given a bigger responsibility to handle the online visibility of the company.

Having a graduate from India, He is engaged with several It firms like Etihad Technologies, Multimedia Technology, etc & has more than 8 years of working experience in the field of Information technology. He enjoys working in the travel industry and has been lucky enough to travel to many different and beautiful locations all over the world.