India, the land of multi-lingual and multi-culture with enriched landscapes, architecture, and arts. From the variations of spices to tongue-twisting cuisines and one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, Bollywood; India upholds its image for the centuries throughout the world.

Things to do in India

There are lots of activities travelers can do during their trips in India. These are the things to try when you are in India:

  • If you’re in Mumbai, you should try the exotic street foods that are mouth-watering like Pau Bhaji (Food served with buttery mashed mix vegetables and soft bun accompanying onions and lemons), Panipuri ( Food served with fried round hollow puri, includes mashed potato and chickpeas in it, and dunk into flavored water imli pani). Zuhu Beach on the seashore of Mumbai to view the Marine Drive and hang out with friends.
  • In Goa, traveling through the city on two-wheelers i.e. (Scooters and Motorcycles), Jet-Ski, Churches and drool around the sea beaches.
  • For Adventure Motorcycling, Ladakh is the best destination for motorcyclist enthusiasts.
  • If you’re in South India, Kerala is the place for you for experiencing boatels and the greenery around the river bank with Coconut and Banana Trees. In Chennai, dosa (made from fermented rice and lentils accompanied by sambar (tangy lentil soup with vegetables), and coconut chutney), Idli (traditional fermented rice and black gram based food). Hyderabad to experience boat race on longboats.

Seasons to visit India 

 India is a country having a diversified culture with variations in weather patterns. It could be traveled throughout the year, but October to March is considered as the best time to visit.

People and Culture

India, people, and their culture is diversified through their Geography. The variations in their culture include food, dress, and religion. People wholeheartedly enjoy their festivals, whether it’s a moment of grief or joyous occasion.