China and Tibet  

China a.k.a. The People’s Republic of China lies in Southeast Asia. Tibet is the autonomous region of China and is one of the isolated regions of the world. ChinaTibet tour takes you to experience the rich history of world-renowned civilization, highlands, culture, monasteries, landscapes, and wildlife. From the urban streets to the countryside, China won’t fail to impress you. The monasteries on the high hills of Tibet with its jaw-dropping architecture will win your heart all over.  

Things to do in China 
China has much more to offer for visitors around the world. These are the popular activities travelers prefer in China: 
●Visit one of the 7th Wonders of The World “The Great Wall Of China” stretching more than 6,000 kilometers. 
●Visit “The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace in Beijing. 

●Hiking in “Yellow Mountains”
●“Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding” to experience the natural habitat of Panda, observe the panda playing around the premises and chance to hold a Baby Panda. 
●Taking a Bamboo Cruise down the “Li River”
●Spectacular View of Sunset over the “West Lake”
●Eating “Xiao Long Bao” famous soup dumplings in Shanghai. 
●Visit “Old City Walls” of Xi’an for bike rides and see “The Terracotta Army”

Things to do in Tibet  

One of the most isolated regions on the planet offers its visitors with exciting activities travelers prefer in Tibet:    
●Visit “The Potala Palace” in the town of Lhasa. 
●Check out “The Jhokang Temple”
●Watch monks debate at “Sera Monastery”

●Visit the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism “Samye Monastery”. 
●Enjoy and Gaze “Lake Yamdrok”. 
●Explore on a “Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and Kora”. 

●Step Foot on “Mount Everest”.  
●Visit Wonderful Nyingchi” The Switzerland of Tibet”.

Seasons to visit China  
●China, it’s best to visit during Spring that lies in the month of April-May and Autumn from September-October. You can enjoy ice & snow sculptures in January and February.   

Seasons to visit Tibet 
●Tibet, during the month of April-June and September October, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain as it’s less cold and the precipitation is low in numbers.