About Us

Best Adventure Travels offers luxurious and memorable trips of a lifetime on the horizon of tourism for 23 years. We are a family-based travel company providing experienced travel services to a wide range of individual and group-based clientele.

Best Adventure Travels is a Nepalese based travel company located in the heart of the city, Kathmandu. We provide you with a safe, memorable and comfortable vacation. Discover with us the cultural highlights of Nepal and its breathtaking landscapes, experience the beautiful lands of Asia that are different from the rest of the world.

By choosing Best Adventure Travels you are choosing a unique travel experience towards your desired destination. We make you feel as if you are traveling with your close ones and provide a homely feeling. We provide only the best services of your choice with proper hospitality.

Our Story

As a high school student, Mr. Narayan Regmi (Founder/CEO) had a keen interest in Forestry. Due to the political instability during the 1980s, Forestry wasn’t a choice and so he made up his mind to shift towards Geography and Economics. Coming from a family background of a farmer, he hesitated to ask for money for his personal and educational expenses in Kathmandu. In 1985, he competed for a government job through public service commission and got enlisted in a junior post. He was dissatisfied with his job as there were many problems which he didn’t like at all. In October 1988, he got a chance to walk together with an American Couple, Mike and Greta from California towards Annapurna Sanctuary on way to Birethanti from Pokhara. During their journey, they talked about the nature and culture of Nepal. On the way, he was offered to follow them up to Ghandruk but couldn’t make it as he was on the way home to celebrate the biggest festival in the country, Dashain. Since then, he had a deep impression of nature and culture that inspired him to enter the tourism industry.

In December 1998 when Nepal was celebrating Visit Nepal Year to promote the tourism industry in the country. After 12 years of positive impression on Nepal’s natural treasure on one hand and on the other an unsatisfied governmental service, Mr. Regmi took a chance to get affiliated with a lesser-known travel company in Nepal despite having better offers from other well-established company. He worked hard and earned a lot of knowledge and experiences time-wise as a guide, manager, operator, and director within this long extensive time and on the process of development and growth of the former company.

After 23 years of hardship in the industry, he planned to start his own travel company “Best Adventure Travels” with the initiation and the support of a new generation. Today, we are a strong and dedicated team who are eagerly excited to share our experience and knowledge in the tourism industry worldwide. We want to give our best in the upcoming years with a motto, ‘Travel everywhere but preserve the nature and its beauty’

“Transforming Travel to Truth”

Our Aims & Objectives

Best Adventure Travels has the vision towards contributing to the goodwill of not just the tourism industry but also towards the whole local communities where we operate in.

  • To provide reliable and outstanding Services to our travelers and create high value in the travel experience.
  • Optimally utilizing both human and natural resources without leaving a trace in nature.
  • Supporting various socio-environmental causes and always striving to give more back to the community.